Telescopic Loaders

Telescopic Loaders for Sale in Italy

From among the best models by the Faresin brand, Himac also provides telescopic loaders/handlers.
We offer self-propelled machinery equipped with a telescopic arm and adapted for loading and handling within agricultural and livestock companies and in biogas plants. The telescopic loaders and handlers are for various types of materials and functions,
from straw bales/hay to loading cereals, silage, and cleaning manure from stables.


This company produces models of telescopic loaders and handlers of various types, designed to offer 20% more visibility and unmatched comfort. Thanks to the multifunction joystick and five-inch color display, this telescopic loader is easier than ever to use and control. The exclusive hydraulic system using a hydraulic piston pump with variable cylinders, as well as the continuously-variable transmission using the "Loadsensing" command, will allow you to maneuver the machine with gentleness, control and precision.
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