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Straw Choppers and Fodder Cutters for Sale All Throughout Italy

HIMAC sells machinery dedicated to the agricultural sector and livestock breeders, including straw choppers. We have machinery that shreds bales of straw and distributes the same straw on the field or for other types of uses. These machines work with bales of any size, round or square. Our Teagle and Kidd straw choppers are imported from England, the historical manufacturer of this machine type. Himac also imports a highly efficient fodder cutter, the Roto Grind, from the United States and resells this machine all throughout Italy. The Roto Grind is able to quickly chop different types of materials, from straw and hay to wood.


A historic English company that produces high-quality cutting machines in its 15,000-square-metre facility in Cornwall. They produce cutting products from 3 to 10 metres.


Kidd Farm Machinery was founded in 1958 by Archie Kidd and has continuously designed and created agricultural machinery since then. Today, in addition to working in the agricultural machinery sector, Kidd also develops products for the automotive industry and municipal sectors.

Roto Grind

While cutting fodder, Roto Grind is able to offer results equal to that of the single-wagon Unifeed without bringing changes to the livestock's dry substance intake, milk production, percentage of fat, protein, casein, lactose or the number of somatic cells. This equipment therefore represents an important innovation for standardising unifeed production, both for granulometry and chemical composition. This in turn provides a base for good fermentative stability of the rumen, efficient food conversion, and the overall good health of the cattle.
View Catalog: "Roto Grind 760 - 1090" The Roto Grind Study by the University of Bologna
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