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Mixer Wagons for Sale in Italy
HIMAC also distributes mixing trucks in Italy from the best international brands. They have are specially made wagons to allow the mixing and distribution of the materials in a fast manner. It is primarily suitable for the distribution of food, an operation which can be carried out quickly in mechanised fashion. The carts also use Unifeed mixing wagons, which are produced domestically. Sitrex-AGM and Faresin are machines designed specifically for the preparation of "single-course" meals for cattle and sheep, and can be towed by a tractor or equipped with their own engine.


The Sitrex S.p.A. was founded by its current president, Giovanni Signorelli, in the 1970's. The production of agricultural equipment was already one of emerging economic sectors in AltoTevere, an Umbrian valley at the crossroads of the four regions (Tuscany, Marche and Romagna) where Sitrex originated, thereby establishing this industrial dimension.

In 2010, Sitrex acquired the brand, patents and parts of the workers at AGM, a historical company that in the 80s invented and patented the vertical system of Unifeed trucks worldwide.

Our machinery is available in many models and features, allowing you to acquire the right equipment according to your breeding needs. We guarantee products of great quality and reliability, facilitating the correct preparation of Unifeed and its distribution in a uniform manner over the entire surface of the breeding 
stall or trough.
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This company produces mixer wagons of various types, both self-propelled and towable, with one or two vertical augers and which are available in over 90 configurations depending on the needs of the customer. All machines are able to guarantee a perfect mixture--a high-quality and homogeneous Unifeed mix. The quality of mixing and the integrity of the fiber are ensured by the design of the augers, the arrangement of the blades and the design of the box. The machines are made with a high-quality steel hydraulic counter that reduces the cutting time, a containment ring, a loading cell which facilitates excellent measurement of the product's weight, and special discharges so as to distribute the ration throughout different points in the trough.
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