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Sales and Assistance for Agricultural Machinery in Italy

HIMAC cooperates with agricultural machinery dealers from among the greatest representatives of the Italian and foreign markets. We provide farmers and ranchers with high-quality machinery that is guaranteed to be durable over time. In this way, we ensure that the mechanisation of the agricultural and livestock sectors allows for smooth, quick work without neglecting quality. HIMAC offers full service in both the sale of, and assistance with, agricultural machinery of various kinds, ensuring complete and efficient performance that will be able to
satisfy all customers.

Products and Services


HIMAC has extensive experience with selling machines used for animal feed and for the preparation and management of bedding materials. Our company is one of the few worldwide that is able to meet any needs and requirements of the farmer and rancher, while at the same time respecting strict standards for safety and maximum environmental protection. We supply the best brands, including AG Dispenser, Faresin, Kidd, Roto Grind, Sitrex-AGM, and Teagle. Our company also offers the opportunity to purchase used machinery of a guaranteed quality, allowing you to modernise or expand your fleet of business equipment for a small cost when compared to the cost of buying a new product.


In addition to selling new and used machinery, HIMAC also offers certain equipment for rent. Please contact us directly for the terms and conditions of this service. Assistance is also provided with the machinery. If you are in the Rome or Padua areas, you will have the opportunity to deal with us directly, while those in other parts of Italy can contact our workshops and authorized dealers.
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